About Us

let us introduce ourselves

welovemosaics was established by a couple of friends who enjoy travelling across the globe exploring new cultures, embracing new environments and most importantly having a love of Mosaics. Like you, we love capturing our travel experiences through a lens. We know that thanks to ever pending old age, our memory will fail us at some point in time!
We founded the concept of creating Photograph Mosaics when trying to decide on a unique gift idea for a special friend’s 40th birthday. After flicking through almost 40 years’ worth of photographs, we conceived morphing all of these images into a holistic primary school photograph would be something impressive!

We have always been mesmerised with Mosaics, ever since first visiting the museum as children and seeing the tiled Mosaic masterpieces therein. After scanning literally hundreds of photographs of her, (remember, the time before digital photography was born!), the final product was amazing.

As the gift was unveiled, tears filled our friend’s eyes - there in front of her was a compilation of her life in images, her experiences, who she loved, who inspired her fashion choices, happy times, hard times and so on all in one picture.

It literally was true that a ‘picture was worth a thousand words’, 7,090 to be precise! Her Photograph Mosaic now adorns a wall adjacent to her dining room table where it is a central talking point when family and friends visit.

Our first “official” mosaic!
After seeing our friend’s reaction, we decided to expand our idea, and combining our love for Photograph Mosaics with our passion for travelling; cities and landmarks around the world, furry creatures, mother-nature, family and friends etc.; we now share our final masterpieces with others across the globe.

We hope you get as much joy and fulfilment from one of our Photographs Mosaics as welovemosaics had in preparing them.

welovemosaics' team.

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