Current Projects

Mosaic Masterpieces In The Making!

The mosaic projects which are currently in the design process are outlined below. We look forward to sharing these with you very soon.

Please kindly note, contributing a photograph(s) is not needed to purchase any of our Mosaic designs though sharing your photograph(s) is gratefully encouraged and thankfully received.

Spring - Season of New Beginnings

Increasing temperatures, more sunshine, cute baby animals, leaves growing back on trees and flowers, flowers everywhere! Need we go on?

The season of Spring is an amazing time of the year. Help us create some amazing spring themed photo mosaics to capture the true essence of the season of new beginnings. We cannot wait to start designing!

This project's photo sharing hashtag is: #wlmspring

Our Feline Fur Ball Playmates

We were inundated from Cat lovers asking why we have yet to design some feline mosaic masterpieces. Fear not Felinophiles, this is our next project! Our little purring, intelligent pets have long provided us with comfort and camaraderie, loving to entertain us every day.

Lets make some special photo mosaics in admiration of our feline friends’ witty ways that make watching them chase a laser beam so entertaining!

This project's photo sharing hashtag is: #wlmcats

Share A Photograph

Do you have a great photograph(s) for one of our above current projects?

You can share them with welovemosaics through Instagram for possible inclusion in one of these masterpieces!

Simply Hashtag #wlm followed by the ”current project name”, for example #wlmroses.

Before you share your image(s), you will need to check your Instagram settings as we can only accept 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' orientations. For best results, Instagram is a little particular about image sizes so please remember;

  • Portrait aspect ratio =  5 : 4
    (ideal image size 1350px by 1080px)
  • Landscape aspect ratio = 1.91 : 1
    (ideal image size 1080px by 608px)

Please note by sharing your photograph(s) you confirm your image(s) will satisfy our photograph sharing guidelines and you agree to accept welovemosaicsTerms and Conditions.

Like to know when our new mosaic projects are completed?

If you would like an email alert when a project is completed, enter your name and email address and welovemosaics will let you know when each new Masterpiece is ready for viewing and purchase.

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