Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know, but never dared to say out loud…

welovemosaics is your social and interactive resource for creating incredible looking themed Photograph Mosaics with photographs of our most beautiful places, things, wildlife etc. this world has to offer!

To produce such beautiful Photograph Mosaics we need a collection of images to use for the photo tiles and the source image for the original background. This is where you, our friends, can contribute if you wish.

We enjoy working very hard to design some extraordinary looking Mosaic artworks which we love sharing with everyone to be hung on the most prominent wall of your home or business or given as a very special gift, hence why welovemosaics!

1. General Questions

Why choose welovemosaics?

Our world is an amazing place and the photographs that have been taken, seized through the lens with a delicate eye and included in one of our Photograph Mosaic Projects, necessitates being given the admiration equivalent to the reasons for initially taking that photograph. We therefore take great pride and time in preparing each beautiful Mosaic Project, pride by which is second to none. We are artists after all!

Our goal at welovemosaics is to be the preeminent Mosaic artist, connecting photos with people in an impressive conceptual work of art that creates the most beautiful Mosaics for you, our friends and with your perpetual support, we will continue to be the Mosaic artist of choice.

What makes the beautiful Mosaics that welovemosaics create different?

This is an excellent question and to answer it properly requires a comprehensive reply. We apologise in advance for the length of our response! We have limited our discussion to these main five (5) differences otherwise we can talk for hours on this topic!

1. welovemosaics connects the world by linking people with similar interests with the ability to possibly contribute to a themed Masterpiece Mosaic we can all share and take pride in displaying. It takes many many photo tiles to prepare a Photograph Mosaic and if someone wanted to prepare a Mosaic based on a certain theme, it would be very difficult to have sufficient tiles of varying attributes and colours to make a truly impressive Mosaic. We therefore provide the only social and interactive environment for everyone to contribute to a theme and/or similar interest by sharing their stunning photographs with us. We will then, with pride, meticulously create a truly magical final Photograph Mosaic Masterpiece for you, our friends, to enjoy.

2. welovemosaics optimally matches the shape and colour of the background image to produce truly beautiful Photograph Mosaics. Most Mosaic merchants (note not artists!) will only provide square photo tiles within their Mosaics as this is the quickest and simplest means to construct a Photograph Mosaic however this will sometimes involve photo tiles being cropped beyond recognition. Through our various pattern routines, we specifically select the best mix and configuration of typically dimensioned landscape and portrait photographs to produce a most beautiful final Mosaic that captures the detail within the background better than anyone else can.

3. Unlike many other Mosaic merchants (note not artists!), welovemosaics does not;

    • Use any superimposing of images or photo tile colourisation techniques to fudge, exaggerate or distort the final Mosaic.
    • Use small photo tiles to make the final background image look sharper.

These methods do not create true Photograph Mosaics nor are they beautiful. The Mosaics we create use 100% unedited photo tiles to capture the original detail in the background and are therefore truly impressive.

4. welovemosaics provide each beautiful Mosaic to you in a picture file format therefore enabling you the opportunity to negotiate the best deal possible from your local quality printing providers. Most other Mosaic merchants (note not artists!) will try and lock you into inflated printing deals of inferior quality. We also do this to reduce our Carbon footprint on the world. Sending printed posters all over the globe is best avoided to minimise our Carbon impact so we use technology to send the digital file to you and enable you to then print the artwork locally.

5. welovemosaics do not mass produce Mosaics. We take time to optimally and diligently prepare each Photograph Mosaic and ensure the final Mosaic we create is a true Masterpiece.

In welovemosaics opinion what makes the perfect Photograph Mosaic?

This is our most common question and one which we wish we could answer unconditionally. Photograph Mosaics bring different meanings and connotations to each person viewing them, which is why they are so special. However, contributing influences that go a long way towards creating that most magnificent Photograph Mosaic includes;

1. An interesting, recognised or loved background image

The background image is viewed approximately 90% of the time from afar therefore ensuring this is eye catching greatly adds to the allure of the beautiful Mosaic you have prominently positioned in your home and/or office. The image typically should, where feasible, limit intricate details or not be taken with a too wide angle lens, because photo tiles will replace the background image and such details will be ultimately lessened in the finally created Mosaic.

2. No modifications to the photo tiles

Would you take a beautiful photograph, adversely change its contrast, brightness, quality and/or clarity, print it and then hang it? Of course not! Except for welovemosaics, most other Mosaic suppliers (note not artists!) typically alter the true colours of photographs that make up the photo tiles to forcefully match the desired background image. We consider this destroys the magical intent of creating a Photograph Mosaic from photographs. The Mosaics we create only use 100% unedited photo tiles to capture the detail in the background image. We are the only Mosaic artists we are aware of that truly do this!

3. Large photo tiles

Whilst the Mosaic background image is what people will first see from afar, once the realisation becomes evident that the larger image is made up of smaller images, the viewer gets seduced to inspect the finer detail within. This is the allure, the attraction and beauty of a true Photograph Mosaic!

It is therefore important that the correct mix of overall detail in the background image is available to be recognised from afar and each individual photo tile size is of sufficient scale to view its own detail, content and colour from closer inspection. From our experience, welovemosaics always selects a photo tile size that is clearly visible with the naked eye when viewed up close making the overall Photograph Mosaic very special.

4. Photo tile pattern

The background image of any final Mosaic is not perfectly symmetrical therefore how carefully the photo tiles are placed to capture the detail and colours within this background will ultimately dictate if a truly beautiful Photograph Mosaic can be created.

Most other Mosaic merchants (note not artists!) will only provide square photo tiles within their Mosaics as this is the quickest and simplest means to construct any final Mosaic, however this will typically impose the final position of photo tiles in generally unfavourable locations. welovemosaics recognises this and thus for each Mosaic Project we prepare, we carefully and diligently assesses the final photo tile library to ensure a balanced combination of portrait and landscape photo tiles are used that will best compare and optimally replace the final background image with accurate photo tiles. In doing so, welovemosaics are able to design that final beautiful Mosaic Masterpiece. From our extensive tile layout library we have the ability to use multiple tile patterns depending on the base image. The Herringbone Routine is one of our specialty patterns often used in photo tile compilation.

5. welovemosaics!

Please remember, the ultimate goal in Photograph Mosaic design is to produce a stunning Mosaic with a background image that is well-defined when viewed from a minimum distance of approximately 1-2 metres away whilst also clearly identifying the detail of the individual photo tiles when viewed up close. Striking this balance involves multiple techniques we have matured and why we consider welovemosaics to be the preeminent Mosaic artist.

In welovemosaics opinion, what kind of background photographs work best for a Photograph Mosaic?

Any photograph can be made into a beautiful Photograph Mosaic! However a photograph with lesser detail and/or is not taken with a too wide angle lens are sometimes better but it all lies in the eye of the beholder. This is because the detail in the final background image will be made up of small photo tiles, if the photo tile is bigger than the detail it is covering, the detail will inevitably be reduced.

To explain it another way, a Mosaic will always show less detail than the background photograph it is attempting to represent. This is ok though because if we did not want the Mosaic effect, we would just print the background image as it is, a plain photograph! The beauty of representing a background image with a number of small photo tiles is what makes Photograph Mosaics so interesting and eye catching and why welovemosaics love creating Mosaics!

Can welovemosaics please explain what the terms ‘Superimposing’ and ‘Over Colourisation’ mean?

These are important terms to know as they prevent genuinely beautiful Photograph Mosaics from being created and will stop you from receiving a low-grade Photograph Mosaic.

As a summary, most other Mosaic merchants (note not artists!) who typically mass produce Mosaics use these dubious techniques to either make the photo tiles appear to match the background image or artificially change the colours within each photo tile to again look like they match the background image.

  • Superimposing occurs where the target source is positioned (or ghosted) on top of the image and produces a Photograph Mosaic that appears like a double exposure. This therefore makes the individual photo tiles very difficult to see.
  • Over Colourisation is another related and incorrect Mosaic distortion method where photo tiles have their true colours altered to forcefully match the desired background image, so much so that they are either faded (white washed), glaringly bright or their contrasts are made too dark to view.

You will commonly know these distorting practices will occur when a Photograph Mosaic merchant (note not artists!) declares that they ”colour enhance”, “colour blend” and/or use “digital filters” to make the final product “Mosaic Friendly”! Please do not be misled by such statements as these are warning signals that your final Photograph Mosaic will be of poor quality and fudged!

The Photograph Mosaics welovemosaics’ create only use 100% unedited photo tiles to capture the detail in the background image. We are the only Mosaic artists that we are aware of who truly do this!

I read welovemosaics uses thousands of photos in their Mosaics though other merchants suggest only 20 to a few hundred are required. Why?

This is a very good question and the answer always clarifies the reason welovemosaics is the preeminent Mosaic artist!

Have a look at any photograph you have taken and you will typically note a plethora of colours, shades and shapes. From a scenic landscape shot, to a wildlife close-up or even a nightscape vista of a city skyline, colours and/or unique attributes are why you took the photograph in the first instance.

Now, say you only had 100 photographs in your photo tile library and wished to emulate one special photograph as a background image in a Mosaic. Despite having to repeat the same photo tile at least 50-100+ times to build the Photograph Mosaic because your image library is small, you would also need to significantly alter the true colours of a substantial number of photo tiles to represent the shades within the final background image in your Mosaic. This significant altering of photo tile colours is what is performed by most other Mosaic merchants (note not Artists!) to alter their final Photograph Mosaic where small libraries of photographs are available, delivering you an inferior and distorted end product.

From our perspective, altering photo tiles in this way does not create true Mosaics nor are they beautiful. The Photograph Mosaics we create use 100% unedited photo tiles to capture the detail in the background image whilst maintaining the colour integrity of the original photo tile. To do this though, we need many many photographs which typically a single user cannot provide. With welovemosaics therefore being a social and interactive resource, thousands of friends often contribute their images to our projects enabling everyone to share in a true themed Photograph Mosaic Masterpiece. Why don’t you join other like-minded people and support us by sharing your photographs today to one or all of our projects!

What is the overall welovemosaics process from design to download?

Our general approach to how welovemosaics' design our artwork is outlined on ‘The Process’ page of our website.

It is important to note that contributing a photograph(s) is not needed to purchase any of our Mosaic designs though sharing your photograph(s) is gratefully encouraged and thankfully received.

If you still have questions, feel free to email us at and we will respond timely.

2. Photo Tiles

Can welovemosaics please explain what a photo tile is?

A photo tile are the many single photographs that make up the background image in a Photograph Mosaic. You typically need a really high number of photo tiles, or a cross selection of good quality photo tiles, in your photograph collection in order to find the right ones that will build beautiful Photograph Mosaics. When we create Photograph Mosaics our software carefully analyses each photo tile and assigns it to the overall Mosaic where it will optimally match the shape and colour of the background image. By enabling anyone to share their photographs as a photo tile, our Mosaic projects can utilise a very good range of tile content and qualities thus enabling welovemosaics to produce really magnificent Photograph Mosaics.

In welovemosaics opinion, what kind of photographs work best for a photo tile?

All photographs typically make suitable photo tiles. The photographs that work best though are those that are typically similar to or match the colours of the background image, do not contain large areas of solid colour and are of medium or high resolution. Most digital cameras and mobile telephones these days take medium or high resolution as standard which are perfect for welovemosaics to use.

What is the size of the photo tiles used by welovemosaics in each Photograph Mosaic?

Unlike other Mosaic merchants (note not artists!), welovemosaics always captures the true essence of why Photograph Mosaics are so beautiful, the quality of the individual photo tiles, therefore these need to be large enough to be clearly visible with the human eye unassisted when viewed up close.

Hence, depending on the background image, our photo tiles will typically vary in size between 12mm to 20mm (0.47” to 0.79”) when printed at ‘A0’, 841mm x 1,189mm (33.1” x 46.8”). From our experience, these sizes are clearly visible with the naked eye when viewed up close making the overall Photograph Mosaic very special.

How many photo tiles are in welovemosaics Photograph Mosaics?

The Photograph Mosaic’s background image will govern what photo tile size is ultimately chosen. We like to think of ourselves as artists therefore through careful consideration (and some trial and error!), we select a photo tile size that will provide the most beautiful overall final Photograph Mosaic. Principally though, the typical number of photo tiles in our Mosaics will range between 5,000 to 10,000+. A lot hey! Therefore our photograph libraries are quite extensive for each project theme!

How does welovemosaics configure the photo tiles in each Photograph Mosaic Project?

As the photographs we use are captured in either portrait or landscape orientations, we have the flexibility to accommodate various configurations whilst ensuring the photo tiles optimally match the shape and colour of the background image. This enables welovemosaics to produce truly beautiful Photograph Mosaics. As artists, we achieve this through our considerable experience, attention to detail and clever technology.

Most Mosaic merchants (note not artists!) will only provide square photo tiles within their Mosaics as this is the quickest and simplest means to construct any final Mosaic. This will sometimes involve photo tiles being cropped beyond comprehensible clarity thus spoiling the intention of creating a truly impressive Photograph Mosaic. We however carefully and diligently assess the final photo tile library for each Mosaic Project we prepare to ensure a balanced combination of portrait and landscape photo tiles are used that will best compare and optimally replace the final background image to produce that final beautiful Photograph Mosaic Masterpiece.

As artists, we utilise all our skill and tools to assist in ensuring the final Photograph Mosaic welovemosaics design provides you, our friends, the most impressive creation!

How many times does each photo tile get used in a welovemosaics' Mosaic Project?

Where possible we always explore using each photo tile once! This adds to the allure of the final Mosaic. However, this is not always feasible because;

1. We have an insufficient number of good quality photo tiles to use within a specific project and/or;

2. The aesthetic traits within some of the photographs submitted as photo tiles are not quite suitable for inclusion with respect to the final background image.

We require many photo tiles of good quality and reasonable diversity in our photograph collection to build stunning Photograph Mosaics, approximately 5,000 to 10,000+ individual photo tiles!

Where there is a need to use the same photo tile more than once, our intelligent technology positions these as far apart as possible to limit the likelihood of the observer identifying such duplicates. You should not observe any duplicates unless you are looking hard to find them or they are invariably quite distinct, for example, the photo tile contains a strong shape therein.

PS – Kindly note that a photo tile may appear to have been duplicated in the final Mosaic Masterpiece but in fact it may not necessarily be so. How can this be you may ask? Well, as we receive lots of photographs for our projects, someone else may have taken that comparable impressive photograph, only from a slightly different angle or slightly different position or even a slightly different elevation thus giving rise to a particular photo tile appearing to be replicated!

I purchased one of your Mosaics, (truly wonderful by the way!), though when I zoom right up close to view each photo tile on my computer, some of the tiles appear clearer / sharper than others. Why?

Firstly, welovemosaics is extremely happy to read your message that you view your Mosaic Masterpiece purchase to be wonderful. Thank-you!

Secondly, this is a great question! There are two (2) general reasons for this though please note, when you print your Mosaic Masterpiece at / or less than A0, 841mm x 1,189mm (33.1” x 46.8”), all of the photo tiles will be clear;

1. The actual image resolution and size of the photographs used as each photo tile varies;

Images are taken by us and /or shared by various people at different resolutions, some higher, some lower. Higher resolution images will retain their clarity better than lower resolution images when enlarged, as per your example, on your computer screen.

2. You can never enlarge any photo tile without it losing at least some quality;

Photo tiles within our Mosaics will vary in size between 12mm to 20mm (0.47” to 0.79”) when printed at ‘A0’, 841mm x 1,189mm (33.1” x 46.8”). When taking a smaller image such as these and making it larger, it will always result in a loss of quality. This is because a computer is unable to scale up the size of images accurately. It's like an oil painting. These paintings are made of brush stokes - if you expand a picture of an oil painting, you will just see larger brush stokes (not more brush strokes or better detail). Digital images are similar, if you expand an image made of pixels, you will see larger pixels (not more pixels or finer detail).

Please do NOT be concerned though, as noted above, all Mosaics are very clear when printed at the correct scale and size. Printing your Mosaic anything less than ‘A0’, 841mm x 1,189mm (33.1” x 46.8”) and the quality will be the same or better, obviously the individual photo tiles will be smaller, anything larger than ‘A0’ and the quality will be lesser, no different from enlarging a normal small photograph to a larger photograph.

Can welovemosaics please explain their Herringbone Routine?

Without getting into too much detail regarding the sophisticated algorithms welovemosaics' technology uses, the Herringbone Routine is one of the photo tile layout patterns within our vast library that arranges the design of the photo tiles into various portrait and landscape pattern configurations, for example this could be two (2) landscape photo tiles adjacent to each other followed by one (1) portrait photo tile etc. The name for the Herringbone Routine is derived from the analogy of herringbone pattern floors that we all know are truly beautiful.

(Please note the Herringbone Routine is only one of potentially many other algorithms welovemosaics may use in the design of a Mosaic masterpiece.)

3. Mosaic Sizes and Collage Sizes

What is the final size of a welovemosaics' Mosaic artwork?

The size of the Photograph Mosaics we set is approximately ‘A0’, 841mm x 1,189mm (33.1” x 46.8”). The resolution we use is typically at least 300 PPI.

Please note:

  • Landscape is 1,189mm (L) x 841mm (W) and
  • Portrait is 841mm (W) x 1,189mm (L)

For some of our projects, particularly where we have been provided a magical wide angle lens image we can use for a background, the final Mosaic Masterpiece could be larger than ‘A0’ however we will always ensure that the width dimension does not exceed 841mm (33.1”) so that you will be able to easily print the Mosaic on a standard ‘A0’ plotter at your local printing provider/merchant.

Why does welovemosaics typically offer only a single Photograph Mosaic size?

To ensure unsurpassed clarity of the final background image with photo tile sizes large enough to see clearly with the human eye unassisted when viewed up close, the Photograph Mosaics we prepare are best printed at large scale.

That said, you can print your Photograph Mosaic file at any size you want to. Anything less than ‘A0’ and the quality will be the same or better, obviously the individual photo tiles will be smaller, anything larger than ‘A0’ and the quality will be lesser, no different from enlarging a normal small photograph to a larger photograph.

If you would like a Photograph Mosaic of a particular size, perhaps specifically smaller or even larger than what is our standard offer, please contact us at and we will do our utmost to assist you with your special Photograph Mosaic needs.

What is the final size of a welovemosaics' Collage artwork?

welovemosaics has attempted to retain some uniformity when setting the maximum size of our Collage artworks.

  • The size of Collage artworks in Landscape orientation is typically set at 1100 x 789 mm at 300DPI
  • The size of Collage artwork in Portrait orientation is typically set at 825 x 1100 mm at 300DPI
  • The size of Collage artwork in Square orientation is typically set at 720 x 720 mm at 300DPI.

4. Photograph Sharing

If I decide to share a photograph with welovemosaics, what file format should the photograph be?

As photographs shared with welovemosaics is through the Instagram service, anything you typically publish on Instagram will suffice. Please note however you must share your photograph through Instagram in either 'Landscape' or 'Portrait' orientations. The standard Instagram 'Square' orientation cannot be accepted as they will need to be cropped to fit within our chosen design constraints.

Considering each photo tile within the background of the final Photograph Mosaic is small, there should be no loss of quality issues.

How large should the photographs shared with welovemosaics be?

The photographs you share through Instagram are approximately the same size and/or quality as a standard photograph. The aspect ratio we would like ideally be 1:1.33 to 1:1.5 (Width : Length) though close to this is OK too!

Don’t be too confused by this technical jargon as most digital cameras and mobile telephones use this (or similar aspect ratios) for the Instagram platform thus are perfect for sharing with welovemosaics! (Please note however you must share your photograph through Instagram in either 'Landscape' or 'Portrait' orientations. The standard Instagram 'Square' orientation cannot be accepted as they will need to be cropped to fit within our chosen design constraints.)

I shared a photograph to welovemosaics to be used as a photo tile for a Photograph Mosaic project however it does not seem to have been included. Why?

Assuming you have followed the Photograph Sharing Guidelines and correctly followed the instructions to share your photograph via Instagram then this is a rare occurrence.

Our goal is to remain the preeminent Mosaic artist, creating the most beautiful Photograph Mosaics for you, our friends. Our technology carefully analyses each photo tile and assigns it to the overall Photograph Mosaic where it will optimally match the shape and colour of the background image.

Whilst an uncommon event, some photographs / photo tiles cannot be optimally matched because it is impossible to plot them to the background image due to colour and / or shape constraints and are therefore excluded. We apologise if this occurs, however please understand our goal is always to create the most beautiful Photograph Mosaics with each quality image we have for everyone to enjoy and cannot always guarantee every photograph shared with welovemosaics will be used. Please kindly try again with any one of our many other Mosaic Projects.

Can I share any photograph for inclusion in a welovemosaics Mosaic?

Please understand that welovemosaics reserves the right to refuse or reject any photograph shared because of questionable and/or unsuitable content. Please ensure you read and adhere to our Photograph Sharing Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions regarding content limitations.

All photographs shared with welovemosaics will be subject to moderation and in the event that welovemosaics feel any content is inappropriate, we shall remove it to ensure our final Mosaic Masterpieces are “people friendly”. 😊

Is there any limit to the number of photographs I can share?

The more photographs we have for each project, the more beautiful the Photograph Mosaics welovemosaics' design are! This is because our photograph library becomes larger, aiding a better choice of photo tiles within the final Mosaic.

Please feel free therefore to share as many relevant photographs to our themed projects as you can. We really would appreciate it as, like giving an artist more colours to paint with, with more photographs, our Mosaic projects can utilise a very good range of tile content and qualities thus enabling us to produce more really magnificent Photograph Mosaics.

For what duration will photograph sharing be accepted for a welovemosaics Project?

We will always try and keep the period for sharing to at least ~60 days for each of our projects. This can vary however as sometimes we receive strong interest in a certain project and receive a very good variety of photographs quickly. Other times, if we are not satisfied with the trial Photograph Mosaics we create before releasing them as final, we will keep the project open for a longer period to allow further photographs to be included.

For us, it is all about the final quality of the end product, nothing less than near excellence is accepted. We do not cookie cut or seek to rapidly mass produce Mosaic designs. This is a clear differentiator for welovemosaics as most other Mosaic merchants (note not artists!) are too busy trying to quickly mass produce the final product thus producing something of inferior quality.

5. Download Mosaics

How large is the digital Photograph Mosaic file size for a welovemosaics Project?

Designing a Photograph Mosaic with set printable dimensions of approximately ‘A0’ at 300 PPI requires a reasonably large file size.

Typically, our downloadable digital file sizes are approximately 100 to 200 Mb (megabytes) depending on the final Mosaic dimensions, paper size, colour saturation and photo tile arrangement. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a quality end product and true Photograph Mosaic Masterpiece!

How long will it take to download my Mosaic Artwork?

This question is difficult to accurately answer as the download time is governed by your internet service provider subscription and other internet traffic constraints outside of our control.

Our Website provides access to quick servers to assist you in the download process. Feedback and experience from our friends across the globe who have purchased and downloaded past Photograph Mosaic projects using most modern internet connections reveals that it typically will take on average between 2 minutes to 20 minutes to download your Mosaic Masterpiece.

I purchased a Mosaic and started the download but for some the reason I got disconnected. What do I do now?

Whilst this is rare, there are several reasons why a download may fail before it has completed saving. Below is a list of some of the more common causes as to why a download potentially fails;

1. Lost Internet connection

2. Lost connection with the server - This is typically not a problem with your computer or Internet connection but a problem with the other computer or the connections in-between.

3. Connection times out - This could be caused because the server is overloaded, your Internet connection is slow and/or or the overall Internet is slow.

If your download stops or is interrupted before it completes, we suggest to simply re-click the Download button and try again. Your Mosaic is still available for download for up to 48  hours after the initial purchase so you have sufficient time to retrieve your digital file.

Though unlikely, if for some reason you still cannot download your Mosaic digital file after trying various methods to resolve the issue, please email us at, attaching your final receipt of purchase, so we can review the circumstances at our end and determine how best we can resolve this issue for you. We will do our utmost to resolve issues timely but please afford us an allowance for time zone constraints.

6. Completed Mosaics projects

Can I select my own photograph as a background image for a current welovemosaics Project?


The main background image we ultimately choose for any of our Mosaic projects is selected from viewing countless photographs to ensure we, in our opinion, truly capture the undeniable essence of the subject Project Theme within our final Photograph Mosaic.

We understand opinions differ and whilst this is not a common request, our goal is to make sure you, our friends, are happy therefore please contact us at and we can discuss how we can support your particular request.

I really love a past Mosaic Project theme and although the final Photograph Mosaic on your website looks fantastic, I took an incredible photograph recently and would prefer to use this photograph as the final background image. Is there anyway of re-opening a past welovemosaics project theme and use my photograph as the background image instead?

Whilst we typically refrain from re-opening past Mosaic Projects, if this is something you wish to do, who are we to deny your artistic flair!

Please contact us at with your particular need and we will advise you how best to proceed. Well done for capturing that great shot! We look forward to seeing it.

7. Purchasing Mosaics

How does welovemosaics protect my credit card information?

welovemosaics takes the security of online transactions extremely seriously and to ensure we provide you a very secure facility to make your Mosaic Masterpiece transaction, we utilise the services of the Stripe payment gateway.

Stripe payment service is PCI DSS Level 1 certified — the highest level certification possible for any internet transaction. You can read more of Stripe's extensive and 'best in class' security protocols here.

(PCI DSS stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” and is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL establishments that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed to protect consumers and their data no matter where they shop or what channel they use.)

What payment method(s) does welovemosaics accept for Mosaic transactions?

welovemosaics offers numerous payment methods for the purchase of any Mosaic project including all major credit cards.

I purchased a Mosaic Project though now I think I want to change my mind. Can I organise a refund?

Please kindly note, as our Photograph Mosaics are digital files and are downloaded directly once payment is received, there is no way to guarantee that our digital file(s) have been removed or deleted from your system after it has been downloaded. Having a no refund and/or no return policy therefore is the only way to help us prevent fraudulent activity. Further information is provided in our Terms and Conditions.

All users of the welovemosaics’ Service have recognised and accepted this condition of transaction, as agreed to per marking the ‘check box’ at the time of sale, that as Photograph Mosaics are provided in digital file format, all sales are final.

Previews are risk free and you can preview every artwork as long as you need to. Please take the opportunity to do so.

We also provide considerable information and very much welcome questions throughout the welovemosaics’ service of all our Photograph Mosaics before you purchase them.

We sincerely thank-you for your understanding.

8. Mosaics Printing

Can welovemosaics provide instructions for the most optimal printing requirements?

Whilst our Photograph Mosaics look very impressive on your computer or other digital viewing medium, they really come to life and become a beautiful creation when hung on the most prominent wall of your home or business. To this end, to achieve the most inspiring result, we suggest you print your stunning Photograph Mosaic at approximately 1,200 - 1,800 DPI at ‘A0’, 841mm x 1,189mm (33.1” x 46.8”). If this is not feasible, the general rule is you should print your Photographic Mosaic at the largest DPI possible! (Remember, the resolution we typically save our Mosaic picture files is at least 300 PPI.)

As a comparison, for resolutions similar to that used in magazines and posters with glossy colour prints, offset printing is typically used and generally requires a 300 DPI resolution for optimal image quality and type evenness. You never detect the individual dots at this resolution unless you scrutinise the page with a magnifying lens. Newspapers in comparison use a much lesser resolution at approximately 170 DPI. Despite being held from your eyes at about the same distance as a magazine, the lower resolution is still perfectly readable. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Billboards are printed at roughly 10-20 DPI, however allowing for the considerable distances Billboards are usually located from observers, it is still very much readable to our eyes.

Finally, it is important to select a paper quality you can best afford. Paper selection is equally as critical as the nominated printing resolution for your Photograph Mosaic Masterpiece! For example, if you print a photograph at the same resolution on different paper surfaces, the resolution will appear to vary. Gloss and semi-gloss papers will show more resolution, while matte and watercolour papers will show less. welovemosaics suggests you use high quality, glossy photo paper no less than 200GSM. The higher the GSM number the better! The smooth finish helps to keep the dots that make up your printed Mosaic image sharp, keeping the reproduction as accurate as possible to the digital image.

Don't forget, picture frame glass is also a very important consideration in the picture framing process. It's main purpose is to protect your Mosaic artwork masterpiece from humidity, heat and everyday atmospheric conditions. Considering its importance, we recommend using 'Museum glass' if your budget allows. This is the premium glass that offers 99% of UV protection and less than 1% reflection. Museum glass has the highest brightness and contrast levels available and an optical coating for true colour transmission. If you believe this is too expensive, other alternatives we recommend are 'non-reflective' glass or 'UV Conservation Clear' Glass. These will also protect you amazing artwork and ensure you can see it clearly, even when hung in an area with lots of light.


Why can’t I buy a printed Mosaic from welovemosaics?

The main reason we take this approach is we like to provide you with options hence why we do not offer this service as our standard offering.

Our preference is to do what we do best which is to ensure we focus on designing beautiful Mosaics, hence offering you the best quality Photograph Mosaic we can in picture file format and give you, our friends, the opportunity to get the equally best deal possible from your local quality printing providers. Most other Mosaic merchants (note not artists!) will try and gain extra money from you by locking you into inflated printing deals.

Also, we are very conscious of minimising environmental impacts as we strive to be a sustainable organisation. Accordingly, we wish to limit our Global carbon footprint wherever possible. It is more efficient to have our artwork downloaded, printed and framed locally.

If however you feel uncomfortable or unclear how to print you mosaic masterpiece, please contact us at and we will help you if your preference is to receive your chosen artwork as a print. Bless!

Still have a question?

So you still cannot find the answer to your specific question within this welovemosaics Frequently Asked Questions page?

We always try to update this Frequently Asked Questions page with other common questions that may arise therefore if you have any questions not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact us at and we will respond timely. We may even use the question and response in future updates of this page to improve our service to all current and future friends.

We hope you get as much joy and fulfilment from one of our Photographs Mosaics as we had in designing them.

welovemosaics' team

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