Photograph Sharing Guidelines

A Few General Rules To Make Each Final Mosaic Artwork Enjoyed By All!

To produce beautiful Mosaics we need a collection of natural and untouched photographs to use for the photo tiles and the source image for the original background.

Whilst the following list is long, to ensure a quality final Photograph Mosaic masterpiece, welovemosaics must ensure we are particular to specifying what is required to achieve this quality and what will not be considered. We are artists after all!

Shared photographs shall focus on the intended Mosaic project theme and, thus preferably, shall have no readily identifiable individuals / people within the photograph.

We appreciate your support in respecting the following guidelines to ensure the final Mosaic outcome will be enjoyed and admired by everyone who owns them;

All photographs shared through Instagram ;

  • must be in standard digital format
  • shall be a colour photograph
  • must be correctly rotated for viewing, i.e. photographs must be upright in their 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' orientations. You may need to configure this setting in Instagram. Please check before sharing! (A useful guide explaining this in more detail can be found here).
  • should be approximately the same size and/or quality as a standard photograph, i.e. 152.4mm x 101.6mm (6” x 4”) at 150 PPI. (By following Instagram settings this requirement is typically met)
  • shall not be digitally altered or have its colour digitally altered
  • shall not have text / comments / advertising / promotional messages and/or similar within and/or added digitally after taking it
  • must not have borders
  • shall show no camera encrypted dates
  • must not be photograph collages
  • shall be your original work and you shall be the sole owner of it. That is, you shall not upload any content that infringes any copyright and/or other proprietary rights of any party.
  • must be suitable for publication. welovemosaics reserves the right to refuse or reject any photograph shared because of questionable and/or unsuitable content to ensure our final Mosaic masterpieces are “people friendly” 🙂
  • must have the consent for inclusion within the final Photograph Mosaic of any person featured within the shared photograph and who shall have agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of welovemosaics.

Remember, all photographs can normally make suitable photo tiles. The photographs that work best though are those that are typically similar to or match the colours of the background image, do not contain large areas of solid colour and are of medium or high resolution.

The guidelines noted herein are very general and straightforward to adhere to. By following these basic instructions and enabling anyone to share their photographs as a photo tile, our Mosaic projects can utilise a very good range of tile content and qualities thus enabling welovemosaics to produce really Magnificent Mosaics.



welovemosaics' team

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