Design Process

Our Goal At welovemosaics Is To Always Be The Preeminent Mosaic Artist!

The following visual illustration summarises the main steps involved in designing a welovemosaics' Mosaic.

Through the outcomes of our meticulous design process, we hope to connect our impressive Mosaic artworks with you, our friends.

We take immense pride and time in preparing each beautiful Mosaic, pride by which we are proud to say is second to none. We are artists after all!

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You can purchase a recently designed Mosaic masterpiece by visiting the Shop page of this website.

Once you have downloaded your Mosaic artwork digital file, we recommend you take it to your local, reputable printing merchant and print the Mosaic at full size and in full glossy colour.

Have your artwork framed and hang it on a prominent wall in your home, office, social club etc.

Your Mosaic Masterpiece will be admired by everyone, including you, for years to come!

We hope you get as much joy and fulfilment from one of our Mosaic artworks as we had in designing them.



welovemosaics' team

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