Los Angeles - Down Town

Los Angeles - Down Town (1189mm x 841mm)
Below is a collection of other design variations to this theme. All beautfiul artworks!

Inspiration for this Mosaic Theme

The city of Los Angeles is the most populous city in California. L.A. is regarded as the entertainment capital of the world, a cultural mecca boasting more than 100 museums and a paradise of idyllic weather. Surrounded by vast mountain ranges, forests, beautiful beaches and desert, it presents plenty of opportunity for great photographs across different environments.

With such an abundance of photo friendly locations, L.A. makes another perfect theme for a mosaic masterpiece! Welovemosaics have designed six (6) mosaics within this collection. Bless!

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  • When viewing each Artwork on this website, the quality of the tiles that make up the Artwork are reduced at this scale to make the loading speed and user experience acceptable. Once you download the final Artwork, each photo tile within the Artwork will be very clear when viewed up close after printing at full scale.
  • For more information regarding these artworks, please check our FAQ page. There are many questions therein which can support any general queries you may have.
  • Purchases of welovemosaics' artwork are non-refundable as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Before purchasing this Artwork, we highly recommend previewing it to confirm you know how it looks and that the purchase meets your expectations. Previews are risk free and you can preview as long as you need to. We are also pleased to answer any questions you may have so please contact us at friends@welovemosaics.com should you require more information before making your purchase. By proceeding to purchase this Artwork, you agree to welovemosaics' non-refund policy.
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